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The Haviland Club

2 Haviland Street
Charlottetown  PE

Down with Demon Rum

A lighthearted musical featuring Island performers Hank and Rowena Stinson, Down With Demon Rum, Stories and Songs of Rum Running on Prince Edward Island tells how the rum runners (almost) got away with it, including the famous Captain Dicks and his schooner the Nellie J. Banks.   

Enjoy the history and culture of Prince Edward Island, told with humour and backed by a hearty meal of fishcakes, beans and strawberry shortcake.  

Did you know? Prohibition lasted longer in Prince Edward Island than anywhere else in North America. The beautiful Haviland Club was built in 1869 and opened as a social club (which it still is) in 1942, six years before the end of Prohibition. Coincidence? Hardly! 

Good family fun: A humorous look at the history of PEI; a historic setting; and a fine fisherman's supper. You can't beat that!